The KreativeKookery Team

We have always liked to cook. In fact it is one the best parts of our ‘Glorious Nothing’ weekends: cook dinner, drink wine, watch old movies. We like interesting food and like to experiment with recipes of all kinds. ‘Kreative Kookery’ is our standard phrase for ‘I made this up!’ This website started as a collection of shared Evernote notebooks when Sarah asked me to write down all of our family recipes and document them with thoughts and comments. We enjoyed it so much we recreated it here so we could share it with our friends and family. Though we tend toward healthy eating, we have only one true philosophy toward food:


  • KT

    Personal Mantra

    Mommy is the Alpha!

    KTChief Kook-er-Cook

    Former vegetarian, now focused more on a healthy and balanced diet.  Loves to experiment with recipes and will try almost anything once (No fish eyeballs!).  Has been hooked on technology since computers were made of dirt and enjoys digital photography, which makes this is the perfect medium.

  • Dave

    Life Philosophy

    DaveBottle Washer, Wine Taster and Grill Master

    True "boy food" connoisseur, Dave specializes in asian and american home-style cooking.  He can't do lactose, but is pretty brave about most everything else.  He does most of the shopping and is always excited to see a long list of exotic sounding items to procure.  Blatently in cahoots with Jak.

  • Jakuta Orishi “Jaky”


    Is that chicken for ME???

    Jakuta Orishi “Jaky”Official (non) Taster

    Jaky is proud of the fact that there is no animal testing here at KreativeKookery.  It's mostly due to the fact that if it's not made of chicken, he's not interested!  (Though he did once try to steal a blueberry pie!)

  • Sarah

    Cooking Philosophy

    Directions? What Directions?

    SarahApprentice Super Chef

    As a grad student, Sarah is an expert at cooking on a budget.  Her specialties include food that can be carried long distances in tiny backpacks and following recipes only as far as the bottom of the ingredient list.  Has been known to try to protect dessert by telling Dave it's made with 'milk-encrusted milk products'.